Vediculture is committed to provide an opportunity to urban consumers to experience and explore the journey of farming using natural methods. The consumer invests money at the beginning which is used for developing the farming infrastructure and resources like procuring seeds, manure and other supplies and carry out processes like tilling, sowing etc.

The farmer uses his expertise and his skills to grow crops in a traditional and natural manner. The consumer gets farm-fresh, seasonal veggies and fruits directly from the farm to his doorstep every week for seven years and the farmer gets the financial stability and an economic safety net to fall back on.

Vediculture has a sprawling farmland spread over 30 acres, located near Hinjewadi, in Maval area near Pune. Here crops are grown by farmers with expert advice from the agri-specialist panel of Vediculture by integrating traditional knowledge with modern efficacy.



How does this work ?

  • 1. The theory is simple. You join us as a ‘Farming Associate’ and invest in the agricultural activity of our farms.
  • 2. The local farmers will take care of the farming operations and grow seasonal produce.
  • 3. Farming will be based on the Vedic and Natural methods, so no chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers.
  • 4. In exchange, you will get fresh, hygienic, most naturally-grown, seasonal produce once-a-week at your doorstep for a period of 7 years.
  • 5. You can also visit the farm and work with a farmer once in a month.
  • 6. It will be a SYMBIOSIS : A mutually beneficial association between you as an urban resident and a local farmer, thus both will be benefited.

Why choose agri-financing ?

Like you, there are many urbanites who aspire to connect to the soil. The best way to become to spend some time in Mother Nature’s lap is to get involved in a little farming activity and sow and grow something. But, owning and maintaining an agricultural land is impractical as a busy city person like does not have the time, the expertise or the money to do the daily grind in a farm. And even if you have the time, it is challenging to run an agribusiness that is both eco-friendly and economically-rewarding single-handedly. But, together we can make this dream a reality.

We, at Vediculture, offer you this opportunity to participate in natural and traditional farming and to play a role in the journey of your food. We also give you a chance to escape from the horns and honks and glares and the blares of city life once-a-month to experience a rural lifestyle and get your family to have a gadget-free time. While you are here, you can enjoy delicious meals prepared using traditional, long-lost recipes blending produce grown in the farm itself, cooked and served in traditional vessels.



Benefits for You

  • 1. Go Green : Get Natural, chemical-free produce every week.
  • 2. Eco-activity : Enjoy a Farm visit once-a-month.
  • 3. Village experience : Experience rural life from close.
  • 4. Earn in barter : Return on your investment in the form of naturally grown foods.
  • 5. Use of Indigenous seeds : Are pest resistant, hardy, and ensure safe and nutritious food

Benefits for the Environment

  • 1. Eco-friendly : Traditional means of farming
  • 2. Protective : Natural pesticides and fertilizers.
  • 3. Sustainable : Fertility of soil is maintained.