Heaven is on earth; this adage is a true description of our farm. It is a slice of scenic beauty located in the lush, green belt of the Sahyadri range in Maval area, just about 15 km away from the IT Zone of Hinjewadi. The farm is just not a piece of land for us, but a dreamland where our dreams and aspirations will be fulfilled. It is sprawling farmland stretching across more than 30acres and framed by wonderful vistas on every side. The feel of the fresh, cool breeze on the face and the fragrance of the hills is just priceless. The weather here is delightfully pleasant all-year-around.

You will be welcomed at the entrance by Goddess Nature herself. The panoramic view of the mountains will leave you speechless. The biodiversity here is amazing. We have around 800 mango and 200 chikoo trees amidst fields of lovingly-nurtured vegetables. The crisp mountain air and the lush greenery fills the heart with hope and the soul with song.

Cultivation here is done in rhythm with the cycles of nature and in tune with the seasonal changes to maintain environmental harmony. Today, chemical-infested, mechanical cultivation methods are robbing nutrients from and adding toxins to our mealsbut, not here.

The unbroken rule in Vediculture isadherence to farm practices that are traditional as advocated by our Vedas and as natural as possible, that is without the addition of harmful chemicals or unwanted toxinsbe it in the form of fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. This stringent adherence to the decrees of nature has resulted in a flourishing bloom of the vegetation.



If you want to get foods fresh from the farm to your plate, be it pulses, veggies, fruits or pure dairy products, our farm is your destination. We have created a retreat for you where you can forget the frenzied schedules of modern life and get lost in peace. The only sounds you will hear here are the chirping of birds and mooing of cows.

The Farm also has a restaurant that is modelled on the rural style decorated with an authentic elegance to give you an actual feel of the Maharashtrian heartlands.The preparation of your meals will be done using conventional brassware and earthen pots and stoves (chullas) using farm-fresh ingredients and garnished with home-grown spices.

We will recreate long-lost recipes for you which will delight the palate and enrich the taste-buds of all; from the young to the old. You will be served on banana leaves to unleash old-time magic.

We have also succeeded in integrating animal husbandry with farming and our cattle provide us with healthy and nutritious dairy products too. A visit to the shed is a must to have a first-hand experience of the daily journey.

Come and visit our farm, escape the madness and hectic pace of city life to get in tune with nature to celebrate the joy of a seed turning to a sapling, of a bud blossoming into a flower, let time stand still for a day and enjoy the richness of rural life.

A day spent here will be truly rejuvenating to your body and soul and will strengthen the bonds that hold your family together.

We aim to make traditional farming sustainable. We already have the vision and the passion; we are ready to work tirelessly towards our goal, the only things we need to make our dreams a reality are the blessings and the wishes of the Nature Goddess and you, our esteemed Associate.