Benefits to the Farming Associate

We at Vediculture, consider our farming associates to be nothing less than our family members; hence we would like to offer you an array of exclusive benefits which will be gifts to your family's wellness and peace of mind in the long run.

This range of special privileges is our way of saying "Thank You". These privileges have been thoughtfully compiled to make your association with us even more rewarding.


Get seasonal and local produce

When fruits and vegetables are harvested at the right time and naturally ripened, they taste naturally delicious and are full of phytonutrients. Fresh and seasonal produce comes with all the essential health benefits and nutrition.

As our Farming associate, you will receive seasonal and local produce ensuring higher nutritional value.

Farm-fresh veggies delivered to your door-step

Be assured that fresh vegetables, fruits and pulses will be delivered to your doorstep every week directly from the farm. Plus, no wrong or long storage means micronutrients are not lost. So you will have access to healthy, safe, chemical and residue free food.

These farm-fresh vegetables will include an array of must-haves that will add health and flavor to your daily diet like leafy greens, fruits including seasonal fruits, grains and pulses.



Agro-visit - Let your kids know life beyond gadgets

We consider you to be part of our family. So escape the hustle-bustle and the blaring horns and honks of city life and visit the farm once a month to spend your day with us. Your kids will get the opportunity to spend a day in a gadget-free way.

They can get their hands dirty, enjoy farm activities, and develop a relationship with the farmer who grows their food. They can observe the journey of food from seed to meal and get practical knowledge about farming and gardening.

We will provide you with delightful vegetarian meals cooked using traditional methods and recipes. Your kids will take pride in tasting food from "their" farm - and relish even the veggies which they used to say no to without tantrums.

With this farm visit, you can experience the joy of growing new life and explore the bounty of nature, thus giving your family a true glimpse into rural life.