Our Vedas have advocated that health and wellness can be procured through wholesome, balanced, natural and wide-ranging nutrition. However, modern-day farming practices, chemical-induced cultivation and adulteration rob farm produce of its natural goodness and make these principles take a backseat. Moreover, the preference for junk food has brought more calories and less nutrition to our plates.

Today, wellness through nutrition seems like a far-fetched philosophy. It is essential to bring about a transition in both our mindsets and our taste-buds if we have to ensure a healthier, fitter and brainier Generation Next.

This can only be achieved if we turn back time and return to our ancient ways of Natural farming and Chemical-free cultivation based on the teachings of our Vedas. This encompasses initiating a transformation in an array of processes, ranging from soil to seed to crop to a meal in order to restore the nutrient-richness and safety of farm produce.



Common reasons why food has become unsafe

  • 1. Excessive use of pesticide and insecticide sprays on crops
  • 2. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers
  • 3. Early (Before-time) harvest for facilitating long distances of transport
  • 4. Addition of chemicals to enhance the appearance of foods.

Most conscious urbanites have realized the important role that natural nutrition can play in the quest for wellness. The lack of nutrient-rich nourishment rebounds on health and we have to pay a price for progress by taking rounds of hospitals. However, where do they go for getting toxin-free and nutrient-complete foods if they cannot grow crops on their own due to the hectic pace of their lives?

Vediculture Farms is a perfect solution to all these questions as it gives urban consumers like you an opportunity to participate in the way your food is grown.

Vediculture paves a way for urban families desirous of adopting a more natural way of nutrition to make a transition to a Healthier Lifestyle. It also gives them a chance to toil in the soil and get connected with the earth during farm visits. Vediculture Farms has developed a natural way of cultivation based on traditional means.

Vediculture Farms has been launched with the aim of cultivating a symbiosis between the farmer and the urban consumer in which both are equally benefitted. You can support the farm by investing in the farm at the beginning of the season, when the farmer needs it most to invest in supplies like seed, compost and procedures like tilling, ploughing and weeding. Then when the harvest flourishes, the farmer provides you with weekly shares of pulses, vegetables and fruits, plucked ripe and delivered promptly to your doorstep.


Our infrastructure includes

  • 1. 30+ Acre Farm located in a low line of Sahyadri in Maval area and Just 15 Kms from Hinjewadi. Additional farms across Purandar, Velhe and Bhor Taluka of Pune district with selection grade.
  • 2. Existing Mango and Chikoo Orchard (1000+ trees)
  • 3. More than 100 Cattle on the farm
  • 4. A Restaurant that offers Sattvik food and traditional, long-forgotten and fusion based recipes
  • 5. Top-notch delivery network across Mumbai and Pune